Ruthenium HX™

Ruthenium HX High Ignitability spark plugs bring the most advanced spark plug technology to the automotive aftermarket, delivering better efficiency and power for today’s engines.

The NGK Difference

  • DFE & PSPE® tip designs
  • Superior oxidation resistance
  • Advanced high ignitability technology
  • Enhanced blistering/anti-peeling

The Latest Innovation in Precious Metal Spark Plugs.

Modern engines demand more power while using less fuel, shortening the life of traditional iridium and platinum spark plugs. NGK’s patented ruthenium technology stands up better to wear to bring maximum durability and performance to your engine.

Designed for every engine.

Ruthenium HX is available in two designs to best maximize the performance of your engine.

DFE (double fine electrode) maximizes ignitability, while reducing emissions for low-heat engines. This NGK-patented design is recommended for non-turbo applications.

PSPE® (projected square platinum electrode) provides the best ignitability and service life for high-heat engines. This NGK-patented design is recommended for turbo and supercharged engines.

High ignitability for better cold starts.

Ruthenium HX provides more complete fuel burn than other precious metal spark plugs, resulting in quicker throttle response, smoother idle and better cold starts.

Better durability at high temperatures.

Ruthenium performs better at high temperatures in various driving conditions compared to the leading precious metal spark plugs.

Proven to perform.

Ruthenium HX spark plugs are manufactured in an ISO 11565-certified facility following the latest manufacturing processes and regulations. Before coming to market, all NGK spark plugs must pass extensive testing and quality checks, including acceleration, combustions, mechanical vibration and thermal shock tests.

More stable under pressure.

Standard combustion tests look for a spark plug’s ability to maintain stable performance during combustion and engine operation. When compared to conventional spark plugs, Ruthenium HX remains more stable with less dispersion.