Temperature Sensors

From EGT sensors to engine coolant sensors, NTK temperature sensors are built to perform in today’s harsh engines conditions. Rigorously tested for quality and performance, NTK sensors are engineered to meet or exceed OE specifications.

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensors

Measures the exact temperature of the coolant to ensure proper air/fuel ratio and operation of the cooling fans and temperature gauge.



Air Charge Temperature Sensors

Monitors and reports the temperature of the air as it enters the engine, vital for adjusting air-fuel ratio in the engine. Typically located in the air inlet ducting, replacing this sensor does not usually require special tooling.

Ambient Air Temperature Sensors

Helps maintain passenger comfort and monitor emissions. If this sensor is failing, a vehicle could have unusually weak heat or AC performance.

Engine Cylinder Head Temperature Sensors (CHT)

Primarily used on Ford and Mazda applications as a replacement for the engine coolant temperature sensor. The CHT sensor plays a vital role in controlling how much fuel is injected into the engine and running the coolant temperature gauge on the dashboard.