Fluid Level Sensors

Maintaining proper fluid level is critical in safe vehicle operation. The range of fluid level sensors from NTK provides accurate readings and signals of fluid levels to help protect engines and drivers.

Brake Fluid Level Sensors

Low brake fluid levels could mean a leak or worn out brake system, which can cause unsafe operation. A working sensor is critical to monitoring these levels and keeping drivers safe.

Washer Fluid Level Sensors

Keeping your windshield clear is vital to safe driving. A faulty washer fluid level sensor could lead to inaccurate readings and alerts on your dashboard.

Engine Oil Level Sensors

Oil level is critical to engine operation, and low oil could result in catastrophic engine damage. A failing sensor will not be able to alert you when levels are low, and could even prevent the car from starting.

Engine Coolant Level Sensors

Coolant levels are reported via the sensor to the engine computer, alerting you to the potential overheating of your engine. Replacing the sensor will help maintain this system and prevent engine damage.