Specialty Sensors

NTK specialty sensors aid in the performance of advanced vehicle features, such as parking assist, automatic headlights and more.


NTK Variable Valve Timing Solenoid

The NTK Difference

  • Manufactured to meet or exceed OE fit, form and function to ensure proper operation
  • Meet the demands of today’s VVT engines at both low and high RPMs
  • Include a hard-coated anodized spool valve to prevent corrosion and increase service life
  • Precision-wound coated-copper wires to increase solenoid life
  • Manufactured with a high strength thermoplastic resistant to temperature, moisture, and chemicals
  • Utilizes fluorocarbon O-rings to prevent oil leakage
  • 100% oil tested for consistent — quality and functionality.

Ignition Knock Sensors

Allows the vehicle computer to advance or delay ignition and valve timing, or injector pulse width for optimal engine performance.


Parking Aid Sensors

Alerts the parking assist system of objects in the vehicle’s path. As parking aid sensors need to communicate with each other, if one fails or the sensors fail to communicate, a trouble code will be set.

Auto Headlight Sensors

Provides signal outputs that indicate ambient light levels.

Suspension Ride Height Sensors

Road debris or unpaved roads cause wear on ride height sensors. Failure can cause the rear suspension to sag, handling concerns or vehicle stability faults.

Headlight Level Sensors

This sensor is crucial for adjusting the headlights to the correct height depending on the load in the vehicle and ride height.