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Position Sensor - Cam & Crank - Relearn (pdf, 388.67 KB)

U5121 Ignition Solution for CHRYSLER, DODGE, RAM and JEEP Coil corrosion (pdf, 938.96 KB)

Premature Throttle Position Sensor Failure 2004-1998 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 (pdf, 1.36 MB)

Knock Sensor Corrosion Prevention (pdf, 733.82 KB)

GM RAIL COIL / Part No. U6026 Stock No. 48707 (pdf, 541.13 KB)

Ignition Brochures

Spark Plugs

Marine (pdf, 1.59 MB)

Power Equipment (pdf, 2.66 MB)

Power Sports (pdf, 2.26 MB)

Iridium (pdf, 7.47 MB)

Ruthenium (pdf, 2.32 MB)

Platinum (pdf, 4.32 MB)

Nickel (pdf, 5.72 MB)

Ignition Coils

Ignition Coils (pdf, 12.74 MB)

Wire Sets

Wire Sets (pdf, 26.25 MB)

Sensor Brochures

Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen Sensors (pdf, 1.86 MB)

Position Sensors

Cam / Crank Position Sensor (pdf, 224.99 KB)

Position Sensor (pdf, 264.13 KB)

Pressure Sensors

EGR Pressure Sensor (pdf, 178.70 KB)

Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor (pdf, 185.36 KB)

MAP Pressure Sensor (pdf, 180.98 KB)

Specialty Sensors

Knock Sensor (pdf, 201.47 KB)

Mass Air Flow Sensor (pdf, 2.11 MB)

Speed Sensors

ABS Speed Sensor Automatic (pdf, 222.70 KB)

Transmission Speed Sensor (pdf, 174.75 KB)

Temperature Sensors

Engine Coolant Sensors (pdf, 700.23 KB)


Automotive (pdf, 14.58 MB)

Non-Automotive (pdf, 48.24 MB)

Ignition Coil & Wire Set (pdf, 15.33 MB)

Oxygen Sensor (pdf, 25.92 MB)

Technical Sensor (pdf, 55.81 MB)

Cross Reference Charts

Spark Plugs

Part no. to Stock no. (pdf, 332.69 KB)

Stock no. to Part no. (pdf, 335.14 KB)

Automotive Cross Reference (pdf, 474.45 KB)

Non-Automotive Cross Reference (pdf, 1.87 MB)

Ruthenium HX Cross Reference (pdf, 262.59 KB)

Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen Sensor Cross Reference (pdf, 446.07 KB)

Question and Answer Books

NGK Spark Plugs (pdf, 13.37 MB)

NTK Oxygen Sensors (pdf, 17.26 MB)


NGK Brand Logo (zip, 2.03 MB)

NTK Brand Logo (zip, 2.03 MB)

NGK and NTK Brand Logo (zip, 2.06 MB)